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Pembrokeshire IT Support – Total Ltd

Pembrokeshire IT Support – Are you a small business in Pembrokeshire who needs IT support? Do you work for a large company in Pembrokeshire who needs IT support? or are you a sole trader who works from home and needs IT support in Pembrokeshire. Total Ltd are based in Pembrokeshire and can support you with all your IT, telecoms, email and data services.

Total Ltd Pembrokeshire IT Support offer excellent and affordable IT services. As Total Ltd are based in the county, they provide a local and friendly service. If you are experiencing IT issues it can be extremely frustrating and time consuming, your better off contacting Total Ltd – Pembrokeshire IT Support as they can solve most IT issues within minutes.

Total Ltd are able to use remote software which means you don’t even need to leave your building for them to solve the majority of IT issues. This service is to make it convenient for you.

Pembrokeshire IT Support

Total Ltd IT Support covers a whole range of tech support including:

Email Support
Data Backup
Private Networks
Software Support and much more


Total Ltd can provide one off IT Support services, but you might be better suited to their Managed IT Support packages. These packages start from a couple of pound. This can save you time, money and hassle. If you would like some advice on what IT Support package would suit your needs, please feel free to contact us . One of the team will be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. Total Ltd are different to most IT providers as they offer a friendly service and speak normal lingo that you can understand. These days, technology can be rather baffling, Total Ltd are Totally up to date on their tech knowledge, but they explain things in an easy way for you to understand.

Read more about forever changing IT…best to leave it to the professionals like Total Ltd.

If you need further information, contact 01437 888 050